Last Haven Guild Pass

Example Guild Pass (NFT)
Example Guild Pass (NFT)
In order to bring the best possible experience to players, the team has partnered up with YGGDRAZIL GROUP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED; we are giving players the opportunity to access early content and purchase an early head start to the game via the Last Haven Guild Pass (an NFT).
While the game will be free to earn, initially, we are inviting those bold adventurers who own a Guild Pass to play the Early Access of the game and start earning rewards right away! We also are strongly encouraging feedback as part of the ongoing improvement of the game from day one. Joining the discord group for news and giving feedback is highly encouraged, and we appreciate every member of the guild for helping us build our grand vision of a card-based MMO!
When the minting start, only a limited number will be available, after which players will not be able to acquire any more of these limited items. The NFTs themselves can be traded on the open market e.g. OpenSea, and in-game they will provide passive benefits for players who hold them such as increased reward drops and Guild Pass only content. Holding multiples of the NFTs will stack the rewards and benefits accordingly.
Only those who brave The Sunder may reap its rewards.