Heroes abound in Last Haven, acting in various roles as the defenders against the Abyss, adventurers looking for fame or mercenaries looking for quick coin.
The most unique feature of HLH is that heroes form the basis of all game modes and players can play their cards in any game mode of their choosing. The heroes stats and abilities may differ from game mode to game mode, but they will always have similar play styles.
Players are actively encouraged to collect, and trade Heroes amongst themselves initially via Opensea and eventually in Last Haven’s own marketplace.
Heroes can be levelled up by fusing multiple copies of them together. This will give the different bonuses depending on the game mode. In Trials, higher level cards in your deck will give you bonus crafting resources for a set number of pvp battles and pve runs each day. This set number resets each day. The rarer the card, the better the bonus is. Heroes start at level 0, and the current maximum level of a hero is 5.
  • Commons, Uncommons and Rares require 3 copies of a card of the same level to level up.
  • Epics and Legendaries require 2 copies of a card of the same level to level up.
  • To max out a common, Uncommon or Rare, you need 243 copies.
  • To max out a Epic or Legendary, you need 32 Copies.
Premium animated or foil cards available
Heroes can also come in different Foils. These editions will not be available during Early Access.
  • Standard foil - The standard card with no changes.
  • Frame Foil - A card with a standard portrait, and a Golden/Glowing Frame.
  • Portrait Foil - A card with a Golden/Glowing Portrait, and a Standard Frame.
  • Full Foil - A Card with both Golden/Glowing Portrait and Golden/Glowing Frame.
It is worth mentioning that when fusing Hero cards, It will select the highest Quality foil to use. For example, let's say you want to level your common hero, Raithe to level 2. You pick a standard foil as the initial card, then use 1 standard foil, 1 Portrait foil and 1 full foil. Your fusion will come out as a Full Foil, since that is the highest quality Foil used in the fusion process.