City Trials

Pre-Alpha footage (does not represent final gameplay)
Last Haven hosts many trials to make sure Heroes always have a place and a reason to train. As the leader of your own fledgling adventurers guild you make the decisions of who you bring to combat to face the dangers that lurk within the depths of the abyss.
Trials is a fast paced semi autobattle mode, where you bring heroes to battle against other guilds in the city. After each battle, expand your roster with new Followers and Heroes, grab new trinkets to power up your units and encounter random events with both good and bad outcomes. Aquire gold to help build your deck, purchasing new cards or ranking up your heroes into more powerful forms.
After each run, you will receive rewards based on how far in the run you got, and the difficulty of the run. These are mainly crafting materials which can be used to make trinkets, consumables and some can even be used to craft equipment for Expeditions later on.
City Trials are PVE Content and will have weekly challenges for bonus rewards.
Average run times are expected to be 10-20 minutes
Deck building draft preview