Expeditions has you taking a small, select group down the sunder itself, to uncover riches for your guild and to hamper the deeps invasion efforts. It also introduces equipment and multiple abilities to the gameplay. Demonstrate strategic mastery of the combat to emerge victorious, or die trying!
This mode is a more in depth strategic Hero battler. You bring 6 heroes on an expedition into the depths of the sunder in a roguelite experience to try and find treasure to bring back to the surface.
Each hero has 3 abilities (each turn the player chooses which one to use) and 1 passive that can be altered/upgraded during the run. Players proceed to battle enemies, run into random events, find old outposts and eventually take down a boss enemy.
Players receive rewards for completing the run, unlocking new crafting materials (which can be combined to form Equipment cards via crafting recipes) and bits of lore about the sunder and the races that inhabit it.
Average run times to completion is expected to be 25-40 minutes
Go forth, go deep, earn glory and more!