Example Raid Boss (not actual card)
Raids mode brings tactical gameplay to the forefront with turn based tactical grid combat. You’ll have to muster all your brave leadership and strategic wisdom to overcome the dangers of the deep, as your heroes delve deep into the abyss in search of fame and fortune!
Raids represents the ultimate PvE challenge of HLH! Bring your heroes out onto a large grid, and outmaneuver your opponents with superior strategy.
In addition, players can acquire runes to empower them and let them unleash special abilities. For example, a slam rune will let a hero hit all targets in a 2 tile radius around them for massive damage!. These Runes are fixed for the run but can be changed between runs.
Average run times to completion are expected to be 1 hour.
An additional PvP mode for Raids is planned for the Arena PvP in 2023.